Get Involved

Pleasant Ridge is committed to having inspiring worship as we celebrate who God is and what He has done in our lives. We do this by expressing our love and devotion to God in spirit and truth through our worship and the proclamation of the Word of God. Believing that worshipping God is our highest priority, and that Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church is a local expression of the family of God, we strongly encourage people of all ages and of all backgrounds to celebrate together as the people of God.

Also, believing that the people of God should be united, we seek to have corporate worship with a rich blend of musical expressions. We believe that for the Christian, all of life is to be lived as an act of worship to God and corporate worship should be a great encouragement to a life of worship and holy living. In all cases, the worship and music must glorify God and exalt Jesus Christ, and never be mere entertainment or focused on emotionalism.

As a Christian, if you love to express your faith through music, we hope you’ll consider joining in Pleasant Ridge’s Worship ministries through our choir or instrumental and vocal ensembles.